Sure, you’ve done your research and you’ve chosen three different venues to show your client. You know that you can fit the 350 estimated guests and a dance floor in the ballroom. (For purposes of this writing, we’ll assume that you are showing hotels to your client. The steps described below apply to all kinds of venues, so keep reading even if you want your event on a rooftop.)

Have you done your homework? Have you asked the right questions so to know if the venue fits within your client’s budget? The last thing you want is your client falling in love with a space he/she can’t afford.

  1. Have you determined what dates are available at the hotel for your event?
  2. What is the F&B (food and beverage) minimum for the night you’ve chosen for the event?
  3. Do you have the menus for the event and will you meet or exceed the F&B minimum?
  4. Are there charges for the bars and bar tenders you need? Based on consumption? Based on sales? Can you have a cash bar at the event?
  5. What is the administrative service fee percentage that will be charged on everything the hotel/venue provides?
  6. What AV provider does the hotel/venue use? Is their use mandatory or can you bring in your own vendors?
  7. What kind of parking is available and what rates are charged?
  8. Does the hotel offer discounted room rates if guests want to stay overnight?
  9. Is the location in an area that will fit your event demographic? If it isn’t, is the venue so spectacular that your client might be interested anyway? (Remember, a little push, a little shove, a little stretch for something different, when presented carefully, can mean that the client sees your creative contribution in a meaningful light that takes your relationship to a deeper place of trust.)
  10. During the site visit, be sure to point out any special features that the hotel/venue has to offer – features that made you want to show the location to your client. This could be special chandeliers, or spectacular views, or a spacious lobby, or a waterfall in the foyer. Let your client know that you’ve done your research so that they know that you can create an event that they will love – and that works within the budget they envision.

Your Great Event always works within a budget approved by the client. Let us show you how we can make an event sing on any size budget.