An event in a non-traditional venue can produce surprising, unusual, and innovative experiences for guests. Your Great Event can produce your event in some unique venues. How about the Dodger Stadium? 

Event Planners Dodger Stadium.jpg

Angelenos are rightfully proud of Dodger Stadium. From its central location to its magnificent views, from its beautifully-manicured grounds to its perfectly-maintained stadium seats, from the skill of its vendors to the taste of a Dodger Dog, the Los Angeles Dodgers do everything right. And that means protecting the natural grass that covers most of the playing field. In order to have an event in the outfield, a sub-floor will need to be laid over the grass and carpet laid on top of the floor. Roped stanchions must surround the entire cocktail reception and dining area to keep guests off the grass—and the infield.

Dodger Vision can display your logo. The scoreboard will welcome your guests with a continuous scroll of their names.

You can separate the dinner area with free-standing candle walls covered with flowing fabric. Put baseballs on the shelves of the walls. Later in the evening guests can be invited to take one of the baseballs and have your honorees sign them as a memento of the evening.  In the dining area, you can set tables with silver chargers. Beautiful and delicate orchids of varying heights can be your centerpieces. Instead of table numbers, guests can be assigned to tables named after a famous Dodger Baseball Star.

Dodgers Stadium Event.png

A garden-fresh salad can be pre-set. Waiters can carry out each meal on individually-covered plates. As the covers are removed, guests can be treated to—what else—Dodger Dogs accompanied by gourmet broiled tomato and roasted asparagus. The meal can be a perfect blending of traditional and fun!

And what would a Dodger event be without Roger Owens, aka “The Peanut Man,” who can toss, just as he does at Dodger games, bags of peanuts to guests.

One extra bonus for guests will be quickly evident:  Guests can be invited to use the restrooms in the Dodger Dugout Club. To get there, they walk along the third base line past the Dodger Dugout. Throughout the entire evening, you will look over at the dugout and see someone sitting on the Dodger bench while someone else takes their photo.

What is your fantasy location?  Let Your Great Event help you organize your next event at a venue with an authentic wow factor.